Passion for storytelling


A degree in Broadcast Journalism prepared me to be poised in front of a camera, write succinctly and meet a tight deadline.  What it did not prepare me for were the fatal car accidents and acts of violence I would have to cover.  "Thick Skin" and "Hard Nose" are not in my nature. 

I gave up my dream of being a news anchor and pursued a career in Sales.  During my years in Sales I began acting in regional commercials, industrial videos and a few independent projects.  Storytelling continued to be a passion.

Eventually, I left my sales career to stay home with my kids. Photography had always been a creative outlet for me so I launched a part time portrait business.  I continue to evolve my interests in photography.

I'm a big advocate for the "buy local" movement.  Farmers Markets, Artisan Markets, Mom & Pop businesses.  Each time I shop in those places I find myself increasingly curious about the people selling their products and inspired by their stories. 



I realized I too, could be an independent shop owner.  This website is my shop. The stories are my product.  Technology has advanced so much since my early days in the news business. This website allows me to share interesting stories with like minded folks who enjoy uplifting, happy and sometimes inspirational news.

   I've finally figured out a way to marry all of my interests into one platform.

I hope you enjoy the stories I produce and please feel free to contribute your own story ideas for me to cover. 



Circa. 1993. Sweet Shorts.

Circa. 1993. Sweet Shorts.

This website is my shop. The stories are my product